Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One Man and his Mucous

When zapping was done
I thought, quick - run
Get out of here
And have some fun

But dozing next day
There was no sign of play
Just replacement blood
To keep the red-count OK

Then Monday came
With more of the same
Just no zapping
To give the day frame

So I started a Wii Fit yoga regime
Squeezed in between the drugs routine
And the sleeps and the feeds
At least it gives me a change of scene

Mentioned to the Doc my situation
She agreed post zapping can cause deflation
As many like to think its all over
But side-effects are just reaching peak concentration

So I sought a target for my neck-section Op
Dr Junor has promised she'll book it up
But keep taking morphine and the pain at bay
Until the flow of mucous comes to a stop

The morning glut I've mentioned before
Brought on by the initial toothbrushing chore
Though that seems to have reduced for now
And been replaced by a near hourly score

Sometimes thin and almost runny
Other times more gluey like a jar of honey
With family favourites the ones
That are choking, thick and muttony

So that's the latest from mucous glut man
As I sit here with my spittoon to hand
It seems there's a phase 3 and maybe 4
Which I'll be on to update you whenever I can


  1. As the days grow longer
    You will get stronger
    There is always the promise of spring
    Though you're weak n' weary
    Somehow you stay cheery
    And that is a wonderful thing
    Your ditty is witty
    Though the subject ain't pretty
    Described as pure dribble by some
    Ahead lies sal-i-vation and the realisation
    That some wonderful days are to come.

  2. See, moucous is cool if you just learn to drool
    In a spot that is private and clean
    Away from the wife and the kids and the dog
    In Yank lingo,perhaps the latrine!
    Let the glands do there thing,and gush forth like a spring, it's nature, saliva is healthy
    And if you collect enough of the thick glistening stuff, bottled up it could make a guy wealthy!

  3. The thing about hair is it's never quite there and I speak as a chap that's receding
    My fringe has long blown,my forehead has grown ears and nose look like they need weeding.
    In your case my friend you've zapped hairs to their end till you've become follicly nuked, but my strong suspicion is your treating physician will put hair in a place you ain looked!