Friday, 26 March 2010

Ashes to Ashes

"So Mr Gowan, how have things developed since your concept post 'mission status'?"

"Well, to be honest, DG, (can I call you DG?) that concept was a while in the brewing and I think I was at a substancial high when it popped in there to set a melancholical melody to a musical maestro's masterpiece."

"Interesting. Can you expand at all on how it 'popped in there'?"

"Well, it just popped, I can't really explain how ideas occur when ones mind is a muddle of morphinic manifestations. Though one aspect may be the juxtaposition between being abandoned in space, whilst seemingly linked, but just out of reach, of the world you know. Do you know what I mean."

"Not entirely, but I guess some of your references are to out of body experiences, as it were, induced by a certain state of mind and, well, lets be frank, powerful drugs."

"You seem to be setting Mr Gowan up as some sort of junky."

"Junky, flunky or organ grinder's monkey, the implication is there that some of your thinking at the time was enhanced in some way."

"Yeah, I suppose in that respect you could imply that Mr Gowan was a junky. Whatever the case I think he and I have moved on since then. You know, we're back in the capsule and mission control have come up with some ideas to pull this rabbit out the hat."

"You're losing me I'm afraid."

"Well, lets just say that there has been a connection repaired and while they need to check out my status first, they seem to have some operation being prepared behind the scenes that will draw this mission to a clinical conclusion."

"That sounds good, I think. I know you need to go now, but would you be happy to come back into the studio in the next week or two to give us an update."

"Yeah, sure. I guess by then I'll be hoping to be the man who safely returned to earth."

Mission Status

(May work best with this playing in background...) Hmmph, can't get link to work live - try to get Space Oddity playing on you tube first.

Western General to Mr Gowan
Western General to Mr Gowan
Take your morphine and your paracetamol
(10) Western General (9) to Mr Gowan (8)
(7, 6) We'll do an operation (5) - just don't know when (4)
(3, 2) Get a sick-line (1) and we'll be in touch with you.....

This is Western General to Mr Gowan, you've nearly made the grade
All the nurses want to know whose slippers you wear
And the dietitian wants you to eat more if you dare

This is Mr Gowan to Western General, I'm feeling rather bored
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way
All the days just seem to come then drift away
Here am I floating round the kitchen far from the world
The tiles are white & blue and there's nothing real to do

Though I'm past the heavy treatment now, it feels like limbo land
At least the mucous has really started to go
So I'm not such a regular at the spittoon bowl
Western General to Mr Gowan, just take the drugs if the pain goes on
Just take the drugs please Mr Gowan
And eat more Mr Gowan
But look out for constipation
Are you listening....
Here are am I sitting in the kitchen - and I hope for progress soon
The tiles are white & blue but there's nothing real to do

(c) EMI

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One Man and his Mucous

When zapping was done
I thought, quick - run
Get out of here
And have some fun

But dozing next day
There was no sign of play
Just replacement blood
To keep the red-count OK

Then Monday came
With more of the same
Just no zapping
To give the day frame

So I started a Wii Fit yoga regime
Squeezed in between the drugs routine
And the sleeps and the feeds
At least it gives me a change of scene

Mentioned to the Doc my situation
She agreed post zapping can cause deflation
As many like to think its all over
But side-effects are just reaching peak concentration

So I sought a target for my neck-section Op
Dr Junor has promised she'll book it up
But keep taking morphine and the pain at bay
Until the flow of mucous comes to a stop

The morning glut I've mentioned before
Brought on by the initial toothbrushing chore
Though that seems to have reduced for now
And been replaced by a near hourly score

Sometimes thin and almost runny
Other times more gluey like a jar of honey
With family favourites the ones
That are choking, thick and muttony

So that's the latest from mucous glut man
As I sit here with my spittoon to hand
It seems there's a phase 3 and maybe 4
Which I'll be on to update you whenever I can