Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Black bumpy vein

It looked kind of funny
But there was no pain
In the dark red patch
Round my black bumpy vein

I rang the specialist and the ward
But had to ring again and again
To speak to someone who could
Please solve my mystery and explain

Och, Dougie, no need to worry
There's no need to fuss
Though call your GP - its an emergency
If it starts leaking puss

So jings how do I react
To advice such as this
From OK -> emergency
Surely someone was taking the piss

For those who know my thinking
No way was it - straight yes or no
There had to be a way of finding
Some vague shade of grey in flow

Due at the dentist next week
I decided on my own cunning plan
After getting her update
To pin down a Dr - whoever I can

Talked her through my jaggy bit and baggy bit
And my unusually sensitive gum
Nothing to worry about
You know, she's really just like a mum

Soon upstairs I headed
To the Chemotherapy ward
To get full the low down
And make sure that it's not untoward

I see, said the nurse
Did I think she frowned?
She'd track down a Dr
There's one doing the round

Hmm, Doctor said
You're a bit thrombosed
But that's not as bad
As you might have supposed

You'll be fine next week
To come to Chemo ward 3
But get on to your GP fast
The first sign of puss that you see!

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