Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Magic Curtains...

If lying in hospital you haven't been
Then unluckily you will not have seen
The magic effect of the mysterious screen

When the Doctors visit with their band
The head one simply waves her hand
And before you know -its your own grandstand

Might be to ask how're you doing
Or how's that lump you've been brewing
And tell me, how are your bowels moving

Its all fair game - think of student training
But even in whispers, with voices straining
They're daft if they think it's sound containing

We laugh and say - don't be daft
It only stops the bloody draught
But no they insist its all a part of Doctor craft

So if you find yourself in my position
And discussing everything with your physician
Just remember, everyone can listen!


  1. Your witty prose has got me smiling
    Your verse is really quite beguiling
    Better go now and do the filing.....

  2. There was a young man from aul reeky
    who has lately been feeling quite peeky
    but he's made of stern stuff,though his head's got bum fluff
    and his meds are making him leaky!

    get weller sooner Dougie. Ed hollywood in OZ