Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Water Buffalo

Bloated to the point of flooding point, me and my oft admired slippers head back for week 3.

This was to be a skoosh - there bright and early, had blood taken the day before and no doubts in my head about needing watered. Yes, yes, everything was fine. Except... that the pharmacy run was a wee bit late, 5 in and 6 out on the ward and they were so very busy that I didn't get on to a bed and the pure stuff until hospital tea-time. Mental calculator whirring already, I know its still just the 4 nights, but how late on Saturday would it be? Think my mental attitude wasn't quite right this time - still mustn't grumble - or to quote my new catch phrase, better brain deid than broon breid.

I had a new toy this time too - a portable DVD player supplied by Ross - and a wider selection of titles than the royal family.

Finished Superfreakonomics - another top effort from the working man's economist, including why; a Chicago prostitute is more likely to have sex with a policeman than be arrested by one, stats that show that Chemotherapy doesn't work! (not mine, of course) and a practical solution to global warming (global cooling) that would cost less that Al Gore's campaign to make us aware that the planet is getting warmer.

Also read Heart of Darkness. Its dark. Why this? I think its kind of like finding the item about Chemo - its that stain on your shirt that you didn't notice until someone told you about and suddenly you're so conscious of it that you're walking round with one arm a funny angle to stop people seeing it and it suddenly seems like everone is talking about stains. Only this time, connection to my dark side was it. Hmmm.

Two decent blokes on the ward and a third one that I thought seemed a bit too healthly looking to be so constantly floored. Silly me - he turned out to have swine flu!

So I was turned out of the ward. At first it just seemed to be - get out while we hose the place down, but then, no - you're stuff has been moved to a side-ward, but sit in the day room just now. Then, no, sent to my room - we have to keep you lot separate - and nearly 3 days in solitary. Except for visitors, doctors, cleaners, students, food and more drugs.

Still, made me feel less insular about watching my own wee movie system and so the reels began to roll....
4 episodes of Flight of the Conchords - wish those lyrics could be mine.
Blow - Depp & Cruz, not bad, but not entirely believable tale about how a young dealer set up cocaine imports into USA.
Blood Diamond - Illicit diamond trade in Sierra Leone with lots of bad people. Liked it despite me not really being a DiCaprio fan, I think its because he's a pretty-boy and I'm not. Gets a 4 all the same.
The Machinist - Christian Bale does haunted man very well, but then I like him because he seems more weird than pretty-boy. Be my dark side it must.

Home on Saturday around 9pm courtesy of Anne and the sno-mobile, then Hearts beat Celtic on Sunday - so a perkier end to the week!

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