Friday, 8 January 2010

Meshy business

Well, after mask fitting its been all quiet on the Western front, until this week when I enjoyed a spot of simulation with three nurses whilst pinned down to a bed.

I'd thought it was just going to be a quick lie down with my mask on whilst I was introduced to the Zappatron 6,000 and they checked that it would hit the spot marked X, but no, its more scientific than I'd realised!

Yes, it did feature my very own mask, but rather than wheeling in the Zappatron - it was all done with lasers, new stickers for my mask and coloured felt pens! My quick overview told me that this would be the longest I'd have the mask on; 20-25 minutes! and that they'd leave me in the dark whilst they moved the bed around to get me lined up accurately, and "you might find the mask quite tight". Spot on.

At first I was back to thoughts of suffocating, but decided to appear brave and as breathing through my mouth was possible I gave them a them a thumbs up to proceed before relaxing to Fleetwood Mac (Rumours). Gradually I was spun, calibrated and had my nose drawn on as they marked up the mask and chatted odd numbers - yes, 10.2 to 10.4? Agreed. And, the bed was on the move again...

Wasn't too bad on reflection and me and my mask were then taken to the place I've to report to on Monday for the real thing. Her parting shot was not to be too concerned if I looked in the mirror soon, as having the mask on for so long leaves a nice mesh effect for a while!

Next it was upstairs to see the dentist who confirmed that I did indeed have a meshy face and cleaned out the small cavern left by my multi-molar extraction.

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