Thursday, 28 January 2010

What's the difference between baby food and soup?

Nothing really, as I found out the other day.

Because of my self-inflicted side-effect anything that needed lots chewing of had a tomatoey base caused me eating grief. So I gave up on my pasta with chicken one night, but rather than waste the left overs in the pan - I wondered about making a soup with it for lunch the next day. Clever, eh?

Simply add your solid ingredients to the stock and simmer until thoroughly heated, then liquidise to the desired consistency....yes, well, I thought I'd used plenty stock but it gradually turned to light red baby food no 3 before my eyes. Oh dear.

Still, it tasted of chicken and pasta and got a meal down without having to the resort to the direct to stomach route.

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  1. Dougie,
    I sent a couple of wee ditties to try to get those salivary glands moving and gums lubricated.I got some sort of reply indicating there was a URL problem? Are you reading this?

    Ed in OZ