Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Ward Hoppers Tale

Last Tuesday was my latest admission foray
For my P.E.G. fitting the following day
Two nights they said I would be needing
For insertion of a tube just for my feeding

But after being for my daily radiotherapy
I encountered some unusual ward gallimaufry
Having reported as instructed to the usual ward three
I was surprised to find that they were not expecting me

It took a few minutes and a fast growing huddle
For someone from ward 4 to clear up the muddle
So I was on the list to be housed in ward next door
But please could I wait for she who manages the floor

I thought at he end it was well worth the wait
As the twin room she showed me really was great
Though she warned right away that I may not be alone
Should she need to find another patient a home

So I settled down with some quite easy sudoku
Until a quick return visit from the lady who knew
Who told me, sorry but I would have to scoot
As they'd someone, I think she said rather more 'cute'

No bother I agreed, to move right away
To another new bed for my 2 night stay
Ah - if only we had just one cute patient she said
It's a hike to ward fifteen for you instead

I wasn't too bothered, I was easy to move
But their system lacked such a simple groove
The welcome committee said go to room 7
There's beds to choose from in our peaceful wee haven

A confusing thing though was about to be seen
In that room 7 was also room 2 on ward 14
Don't worry she advised, as we know its our bed
But perhaps get out of dermatology for your shower she said

Telling my visitors how to find me was fun
A new ball of wool was going to need un-spun
This proved a problem for oncology staff too
As each arrived breathless, saying I couldn't find you!

Being positive though it was a not bad visit
Made pleasant by Sarah, a nursing flibbertigibbet
Plus different patients with new ailments to share
And...weird skins conditions that really do scare

1 comment:

  1. Jings, it sounds like Carry on Doctor.
    Top marks for including gallimaufry (hey, I've learned something) but more importantly – flibbertigibbet!
    I will endeavour to use both words within 24 hours.