Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Captain's Log - Star Date:

Boy oh boy, am I a lucky jack?
The Doc told me yesterday
That I was "bang on track"

Your operation to cut out glands
It went really well, and
We ended up with lots in our hands

In all we removed there was no cancer
So as far we can see
We have killed of the invading chancer

So it time for you to go recover
With monthly check ups
To give us all some cover

Well can you please take my feeding tube?
I suppose I can arrange that, yes
And out it popped with the aid of some lube

So while that leaves yet another hole
It seems, for the moment
That I am once again whole

Tho' don't feel like trumpets or big celebration
As my thoughts turn to those
Who are still on the treatment rotation.

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