Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Smocks, Socks and Bed Hops

Monday 12th

After water only breakfast, got to SJH in good time for my morning chop. But an amazing array of bed changes going on meant I was able to enjoy daytime telly between 8am and roughly 11.25am. My nice clean bed came with the usual operation smock. And, a new pair of highly fashionable socks.

The socks it seems are to help prevent DVT as I would be lying still for up to 5hrs during the Op. Plain white knee length with a gap between the toes for ventilation, if you must know!

Bit of a queue outside the theatre meant I had a few minutes chat while they "cleaned up the previous one". Discussed today's music choice and was told that there would be a wee air bed too that periodically lifted them up to keep them moving. All very clever. Before I knew it, the sound of Guys' Motown Surgery Selection was fading fast and next I knew I was waking in the recovery room around 7pm.

After a wee wait due to a tad queasiness I was wheeled back to my ward, but to a different room. Seems the first rooms gender designation had changed while I was a way and all the blokes I was with earlier were scattered round this new one having had their Ear, Nose or Throat sliced, diced or spliced. Too dopey to see what mine looks like, but I could feel admiring glances...

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