Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More Stitches Than an Arran Jumper

Tuesday 13th

Woke, slept had blood mopped up and made use of several bottles through the night.

Couldn't really get out of bed due to wooziness, drip full of drugs to my left and two bottles attached to tubes running from my neck on the right.

The tubes it seems are my 'wound drains' and are the measure of when I'll get home. Too much drain means I'll just be stayin'. One of them is oozing though and so I made a bloody mess of my smock and bed. Socks were OK.

After new dressing, porridge, new dressing, Dr's round, then new dressing I was allowed/sent to the bathroom whilst they cleaned my bed.

Quickly de-smocked I finally got a look at the giant inverted L Guy had cut for me and the lovely stitch work that any seamstress would be proud of.

And, well, that's it so far, except for a new dressing that's about 3 inches square held on by a 5 x 4 sticky pad Photo if I can manage it!

More tales of recovery later...

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure they got the little blighter that caused you all this trouble,
    You're neck will heal,the scar will fade beneath designer stubble.
    You're hair will grow,saliva flow as taste buds wait for flavours
    So,stack some weight,Good onya mate,you've earned those tasty savours!

    ozzy ed