Friday, 16 April 2010

Home Stationery

After revealing my drainage issues on Tuesday & Wednesday, offers flooded in from people with good plumbing contacts. Though thankfully my other downpipe dried up overnight Wednesday and I was unplumbed on Thursday.

More of the same from the fairly feisty Staff Nurse "just you take a deep breath and I'll....jeez is this one even longer...". Still, drains out, cannula out of hand and then able to have shower without bits of kit to bother about. Luxury. Well, relative luxury of an echoey wet-room shared with the 6-man and just the odd streak of the red stuff to mop up.

So home Thursday PM and having pulled the final dressings off today, here's a cleaned up photo showing my stationery supplies since I know that some of you enjoyed the first one so much!

ps Next week should see the start of a new spot the drain hole competition, open to the eagle eyed who can win a gift wrapped length of plastic tubing and a short course in staple removing.


  1. Do I get a prize for naming Blade Runner?

    Jigetty jig!

  2. Ohhhh my GAWWWWDDD!!!
    That's AWESOME dude!
    Like, totally SCARTASTIC!
    Looks like Anne did a pretty good job, though personally, I would have used a surgeon.
    Are you sure this is what the doctor meant by a staple diet?
    Might as well get your nips n' lips pierced now to complement the neck.