Monday, 30 November 2009

As Tonto might have said... chemo savvy.

Yes, its me, home again home again, older, wiser, but not really any balder. Girls, it seems that the effect is more sporadic than I thought; one nurse confided in me that her sister lost all of her hair during chemo - except on her legs! Maybe my steroid for hair and appearance (SHAPE) diet needs more research.

Biggest lesson from last week was really about the dehydration; meant 5 nights in rather than 4. Though this did allow me time to Cycle Home from Siberia (good read with unexpected sideline comparing religions en route), complete some nasty Awaydays and start to Thank You For the Days.

Lots of visitors, lots of sweets and won lots of biscuits from Hospital Radio for winning their competitions. Haven't been able to face sweets or biscuits since last Wednesday though.

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