Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas list

The other thing that happened between dentist visits was that a letter arrived inviting me to the Western General the following Monday. Slow slow, quick, quick, quick!

If it did start then, with Chemo for 5 days starting every 21st day, then I'd be out for Christmas. Problem is what to ask for since I had buy PJs and slippers on the Saturday just in case. Hadn't really had either since I lived with my mummy and it felt a bit of a strain to part with money for clothes to wear to bed. Quick dance near changing room exit with PJs on and hamster face got my lot smiling, and very strange look from bloke browsing coats.

Incidentally, I rarely shop at Debenhams and wasn't tempted by their 'take out a store card you don't need today and we'll give you 5% off', until I got to the till. £60, or if you take out..., it'll be £12.75 less. Eh? Money's money so find myself in the sign up panto. But, am rewarded by being charged £40.10. I tell you, these store cards really are jolly good value you know. Take the discount, pay the bill, chop the card. ps It was Santander finance, so you lot aren't paying for it either.

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