Monday, 16 November 2009

This last week, mostly I have been...

..eating. Those steroids must do something to your metabolism.

Even though I've done zero exercise I think I'm a couple of pounds lighter, but have had sweeties, cakes, ice cream and even late night chocolate. Girls? Want to trim those buttocks without all that exercise nonsense...

It seems that the hair thing is starting too. Pulled out the clippers when I got home as my fringe was getting to that fluffy stage, but its not grown and I noticed that not having shaved for 3 days has finally got me that designer stubble look. Perhaps I could emerge from all this as a handsome bloke...all I need now is major cosmetic surgery to my nose, cheeks and chins.

Oh aye, and I signed up for lovefilm since I'll be in a lot. The Lives of Others was reet good.


  1. A film critique of recently viewed movies would be great.
    Marks out of 10, and whether suitable for the bairns.
    But don't add:
    And Bruce Willis is actually dead
    It sinks, and he dies
    Turns out, he's actually Luke's father!

  2. At least you won't have to post a review of Christian Nade's latest performance (likely to be laboured and unconvincing!). Hope you're fighting fit in time for our glamourous semi final trip to darkest Lanarkshire.