Monday, 9 November 2009


Me, PJs & slippers reported Western General on the 2nd as per the invite. Will they delay? Will they go ahead? Should I have cut my hair?

Uncologist didn't even blink, "it's all logisitcs, you see". So before you know it, there's a young lady in a nurse outfit asking if I'd like to try some new drugs. They're such a hit that I find I'm instantly hooked. In fact, they have such an affect that you find yourself taking other ones to counter the effect. Then yet more to counter the effect of the ones to counter the effect. And prunes.

Passing the time is probably the biggest challenge, once you ignore the needle in your hand that's attached to a tube that's attached to a sort of coat stand on wheels that you take with you everywhere. Everywhere.

What else to mention? Lights, beeps, visitors, texts, reading, day-time TV, more queasy than a partly fried egg on top of a hangover, e-mails, sweeties, Connor & the toes, neat stitches and Helen's ungrouted tiles do it little justice.

Home Friday night. Still wabbit & queasy, so taking it easy.

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