Sunday, 22 November 2009

Two pricks, a fat foot and a Brazilian...

I encountered two pricks at the GP's on Thursday, the practice nurse was very gentle with them though and gave me one in each arm. Flu schmu, its a foofaraw, between me and you. Getting there was colder and wetter, but even after I've never felt better.

Now though its something that I don't want to shout
I'm known to experience the odd bout of gout
Not booze but dehydration is primary cause
And theories about bad living are a load of ba's

The problem you see was my normal cure
Its non-steroidal, max strength and pure
But my Unc Ologist told last time I was in
"afraid those chaps, need to go in the bin"

Been phoning round before its too fat for a shoe
'Cos hopping down on Monday just ain't going to do
But help was at hand, well down a phone line
"take the other stuff with codeine, and you should be fine"

It is so far so good, I have to say
More drugs to take uninvited swellings away
And now that the boot is on the other foot
No excuses when, for the Western, it time to scoot.

Girls, I've found another idea for you to add the diet one. I've not been waxing but seem to be losing body hair every day. From everywhere. I reckon you could DIY with sellotape and save a fortune on waxing! As I said, I've not been, but Neil was right about losing some hair - it does...

btw Apparently you can get something to keep you head cold and stop hair loss. I'm not pushing of for it though.

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  1. Sound like you should be in the Burns Unit (Rabbie, o' course). Two pricks, a fat foot and a Brazilian - a man's a man for a' that - ? Best of luck from t'Soft Southeners - Jim and the boys (wouldn't dare speak for Doreen, she's more than capable... but I know she sends her best wishes as well)