Monday, 9 November 2009


Well, the things you learn. The consultation to confirm my news drew such a large crowd that Anne had sit at the side of the stalls. 1 for this 1 for that and, as I've said, a dentist? The thing is you see, once someone has fired some nuclear device at your throat every day for a month or so, you dry up. This makes healing after dentist work problematic. So, do it now just in case.

Children out there - brush your teeth.

My young boy decay and healthy load of fillings certainly gave rise to a few eyebrows. Initial conclusion was to get an x-ray done and return next day. "ah, that's the fist time I've seen a horizontal wisdom tooth under the gum at back." I half form the thought, "hmmm, this may slow things a bit" whilst the dentist gets
to the punch-line, then find myself agreeing to a general anaesthetic for all work to be done the day after next.

So 48hrs later and pleasant young Dr is explaining the drill. Dig em out, stitch you up, send you home. Its all going swimmingly as they administer the anaesthetic, but then I wake to find I've become a little problematic. Whatever, it's not home, but a sleepover instead. Dr packs me off next day with news that "we had a wee bit more trouble than expected" and a goody bag large enough to sedate an elephant. "You've a face like a hamster", is the quote of the day as I get home.

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