Thursday, 4 February 2010

Double blast news at last

Well, well, well - it turns out that Phase II isn't exactly more of the same. I mean I'm sure it will feel the same and look the same, with the same mask drill, same meshy face and background music, but this other Zappatron seems to fire electrons rather than photons.

As Captain Kirk and Mr Sulu would tell you, this is because photon torpedoes are very effective at destroying unwanted Clingons. But, as Doc Junor drew for me on Thursday this means my first 20 zaps had a wider target area than I thought and its a bit spine tingling to find out that my chord has been part of the area, so now they want to tone that down. So it'll be photons to front, electrons to the rear ( I am stuck like a tumour in you...

stuck like a tumour in you,
and I'm wondering why I ever first grew,
its so hard to keep growing this pace,
when I'm getting zapped all over the place,
photons to the front, electrons to the rear,
here I am stuck like a tumour in sorry, went off on one there)

The idea is that ol' lumpy still gets blasted with photons as they have deep throat penetration, but the glands and the rest of my neck will be downgraded to electron zapping from Monday. Can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. Today I is mostly picturing Doc Junior to look like Michael Madsen as he struts around you to that very song. The scene shifts between your anguished face and his dispassionate stare as he aims the zappatron at you.
    It's life Doug, but not as we know it.
    Keep boldly going.