Sunday, 14 February 2010

Up & Down

Up, down, up, down, up...yes that's it you got the rhythm from last week (8th-14th), which was up and down and loads of different fronts.

Down to hospital, up from hospital, biorhythms up, biorhythms down, trouble getting food down, trouble with food coming back up, red blood count down, red blood count back up, weight down, food in the tube up, cannae be botheredness up, time to go down.

Started the week brightly enough I think, but some spurts of sickness and possibly the Chemo put paid to that Tuesday/Wednesday. Was threatened with another blood transfusion, but remarkably my blood count seemed to climb at the thought and that was put on hold. Chirpy again by Friday though.

Only two weeks of this phase to go then recovery stuff before its time for the lovely sounding "neck-section". Hope I get a nice cut.

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