Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fur balls

Some vague memory from school days came to mind this week - some video of an owl regurgitating a fur ball to get rid of the bits of mouse it couldn't digest. Strangely like a tiny cough and there it was, except mine was more like a food coated mucous ball. The first one was like a pea and ham gobstopper, I'll spare you details of No 2, - peculiar though the capacity that your body has that it can keep a gobstopper hanging around your throat unnnoticed until you're watching TV with the family and...cough, then you find yet another talent that Gallup don't seem to list.

Also on the furry front is my head - I'd noticed that some hair growth was creeping back, I mean, I had to shave twice last week! But while face growth seems limited to fu manchu style area, more overall coverage was appearing on my head. So out with the clippers it was but it was odd with no real feeling of of the usual zzzzmmmm as they cut through hair, instead I was building up little tufts of fluff like you might find on shaving a teenagers top lip. Still de-fluffed and polished up I am for week 7 at the solarium.

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