Sunday, 21 February 2010

Regimental Fatigues

Blimey, someone has removed the stuffing this past week. I know that Doc Junor and her Posse have told me that the radiotherapy regiment will make me tired, but this really came home to roost with my afternoon siesta an alarming three 3 hours one day.

So Tuesday it was I think that consisted of up, shower, one man and his porridge, blast at LA3, blast at LA4, Chemo, home, kip 'til 6.

So, sorry to those of you I was in touch with last week about about a visit - just couldn't predict when I was going to be fit for active duty so didn't come up with any times for you.

Now on to 3 of those food supplements down the tube each day and extra strong drugs - Morphine and Giant Paracetamol along with the mucozade. Maybe they have some to do with sleeping for Scotland too!

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