Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Swallowing lessons

Well not exactly lessons, but a detailed discussion with a dietitian today on the causes of tickly coughs during throat cancer cures.

Glut woman was on form again today and had a colleague who was keen to test my swallow action, especially when I said that sometimes get a spluttering cough when I'm drinking. Which can be messy. You see, its possibly all to do with the swallow reflex not working properly and meaning that the epiglottis doesn't properly close over the larynx to prevent food or drink entering the windpipe. But why?

They don't know, but had me try out gulps and sips while they had a hands-on observation of my swallow action. Thankfully I didn't choke at the time but have promised to keep them posted on what triggers my occasional splutters - like this morning's coffee that I was enjoying until it was forcefully ejected during the pharyngeal phase and halted the esophageal stage abruptly!

1 comment:

  1. For some reason, images of what Glut woman may look like keep invading my thoughts. I also keep picturing Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius using his zapping ray-gun on you.
    Am I drinking too much coffee? Is it just a pharyngeal phase I'm going through?