Sunday, 21 February 2010

Strange but true....

...last summer when I was in Sweden with Anne and the boys, we were accosted late one night in Stockholm Central by these two young Swedes - they turned out to be the journalist and his photographer form a local daily and were doing their daily survey where they ask opinions of the people in the street. Did Anne think sun-beds were a good or bad thing?

Can't really remember her answer which did appear next day, though I can now say that they give you quite bad sun-burn if you go everyday for 6 weeks and don't wear anything other than a plastic mask.

Its oddly shaped too (the sunburn) - sort of like the shape of a medieval armour piece that protects the collar bone and side of the neck, with funny white gap in the centre - perhaps if you left your armour in the sun over a lunch and forgot just how hot those dammed crusades were, then you too could have been branded in the same style as you popped it back on for that afternoon's adventure.

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